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Saturday, December 31, 2011


So my "not feeling too well" in the previous post turned out to be a fairly severe case of some sort of GI bug. I ended up in the ER with pretty bad dehydration and they had me connected to an IV for 7 hours. Fun times.

But honestly it was a rough 4 days - and I did zero studying. I don't even feel guilty about it because I was totally incapacitated. At one point I was lying in bed and watching only what was on whatever channel we had left it on the day before because I couldn't muster the energy to reach for the remote and change the channel (that had to be conserved for my trips to the bathroom to vomit). I ended up watching Jeopardy, a couple of episodes of "Last Man Standing" (not that bad actually) and an episode of Anderson, who I guess is trying to be a male Oprah replacement and I'm disappointed by what I saw (in between bathroom trips).  But I digress. I decided I'm just going to post-pone my final by a few days (and since I have till the end of March to write it, I know it won't be a big deal).

I'm so thankful Jordan was able to take care of Tubes the whole time.  On the third day we made the trip out to Newmarket to my parents house so I could sleep (or rather, run to the toilet) a bit more because of the extra distractions for Tubes so he wouldn't insist on seeing me as much.

Honestly, being sick when you have kids is a whole different ball game then before kids. They don't understand (and frankly, they don't care) why you can't get up, they just want you to be up. You feel guilty that all you'd rather do is just stay in bed and not move. And you can't even indulge in a post-sickness lie-in in bed when you're feeling way better (though not quite 100%) and where you regain that last bit of strength. You are up and taking care of them. It sucks. I'm so much more careful now about not getting sick than I once was - I actually get the flu shot every year now just in case.

The only silver lining is that I ended up losing almost 8lbs because of this (and its not even water weight) and I'm on track to lose a couple more since I only just started eating solids yesterday evening (lol, I sound like I'm going through my baby milestones!) and even those I can't have too many of because I don't want to upset my stomach.


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