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Monday, May 7, 2012

Back to the grind

I'd like to say that my week off was nice and relaxing and got a lot done, unfortunately though, it wasn't.

We have a basement apartment that finally, finally, finally was finished. We had some expensive renovations done to our house and had banked on renting the basement to help pay for them but soon found a TON of problems down there, which took almost a year to fix and cost us MORE money. But we were finally able to put it up for rent this week.

We live in an awesome neighborhood, so it wasn't surprising that we had a lot of interest in it. We found a great couple who wanted to rent the basement, however they were looking to rent it furnished AND needed it immediately (i.e. two days after viewing it!) so my husband and I had to really scramble to get it cleaned and find the necessary furniture. We got it done, but it was exhausting!

Then to treat ourselves, we went away for an overnight trip to Niagara Falls. Jordan and I had wanted to do this for ages but something always came up - no one available to watch Tubes, funds were short, had to work etc.. Finally the stars were aligned and we jumped at the opportunity. It was fantastic (though we both agreed that one night isn't enough and we need to plan something for at least two nights next time).

But now I'm really behind on my list of things that I wanted to do last week and those tasks are spilling into this week. This includes coming up with a study schedule for my second MCAT attempt. And speaking of the MCAT, I've registered for it again to be taken on August 17th. I was hoping for the 23rd, however there were no spots and I didn't feel like playing the waiting game, so I just bit the bullet and chose the 17th. The positives of this is that at least I'll have a few weeks of summer to enjoy afterwards. And who knows, maybe all my praying that my MCAT from my 1st attempt will be amazing might pay off :)

Anyway, I need to get started on catching up and planning for my month in Poland.

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  1. If you are studying for the MCAT. A great site to check out is:

    It's good for the science portion (general chem + bio + physics + organic chem