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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Why medicine?

In just one month, I will be able to apply to the medical program. I can't believe how quickly the time has passed!

I haven't had much time to post because I've been incredibly busy with my newborn, my parents visiting and then transitioning back to being sans help - though luckily that coincided with school starting up again here in New Zealand so at least I have a *bit* more free time with my oldest in school and my middle one in preschool.

Still...that time is being used to just keep up with all that needs to be done - housework, laundry, childcare, book keeping and administration of my husband's business as well as becoming more involved with the PTA at my son's school.

Plus I'm trying to lose that baby weight that I gained and unfortunately what they say is true - it DOES get much harder when you are older. I remember that once I started to exercise and eat well after having my first (and waiting a very resopnsible 4 months to begin exercise), the weight just melted off. It was a bit harder with my second son, though the last 10-15 pounds required a lot of effort. This time its even harder but I want to make sure I do it in a smart way - I did a lot of damage to my pelvic floor muscles by exercising too intensely and too soon after having my second son and I don't want to worsen my problems.

But I digress...the most important part of my application (other than GPA) is a one page statement that I have to write on why I want to pursue medicine. This is going to be the hardest thing too because I could write a book about why medicine. Parring it down to just one page is going to be tough..

So I'm asking for some help from those who chose medicine, why? What is it about medicine that made you want to be a doctor?

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  1. Congratulations on the baby! I hope everything went smoothly. :)

    As for why medicine, it's a question that I seem to answer differently depending on the day, but there's always some common themes. I find human physiology and pathophysiology absolutely fascinating. The human body is an incredible biological machine and the way it responds to so many disease states is absolutely incredible. While it is stereotypical, I do like helping people and medicine is the perfect career to combine my fascination with physiology and a hands-on approach to making lives better. I have an intense desire to serve my community and this is, I think, the best way to do so. I can combine science, service, and puzzle-solving in ways that no other career permits. And, from a purely practical standpoint, family medicine has a level of mobility with it that few other careers have. I can practice back home, or in a large city, or in any country I choose, really. I won't be tied to an academic or surgical centre, or to large population centres and that's a big deal to me personally.

    I'm so, so excited for you. How long is the application process? I hope it's nothing like the ridiculous months and months it takes here!