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Thursday, September 15, 2011

This is gonna be hard...

What I think hit it home to me that this journey was going to be hard was realizing what the MCAT really was. I'll be honest, all I knew about it was that it was a standardized test and figured, whatever I'll just study.

So I bought a study guide for the MCAT and started to read it. And realized I didn't know ANYTHING. Seriously the guide I bought was review of the main concepts in organic chemistry, biology and physical sciences and I didn't understand any of it. This was when I decided that I need to sign up for a course just to think about having a chance at doing well at it.

Most people who write the MCAT write it after their second or third year of a science undergrad and will likely have it fresh in their minds and since its a relative test, I'm going to be pretty screwed.

While the MCAT isn't required for every Canadian med school, its still a flag for UofT and a portion of it (the verbal reasoning score) is factored into the requirements for McMaster (the two schools I'm most interested in at the moment, though to be honest, any school that wants me will be where I want to go!)

So wish me luck.

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