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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I got my bio midterm back and I'm so disappointed - I got a 69%. That's like an F in med school terms. Ugh. I know that I'm just getting into the swing of things but I just feel like I don't have the time to screw up now! I need to get at least an 85% overall as that equates to a 3.9 and will bring my mark up for Mac.

The midterm was only 20% of my mark but I now I just have that much less wiggle room for the final.

Jordan thinks its because I'm not in a traditional school setting and he may be right. It's hard to make myself study in a consistent manner and truth be told I'm completely out of practice when it comes to studying. I honestly don't even remember how I used to study for science - its so different from from the social studies and business classes from university.

Sigh. Anyway I go still have a lab report, an assignment and the final to redeem myself.

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