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Sunday, November 27, 2011


Not sure if its even a word, but I've come to the conclusion that I need to rethink my strategy. What I'm doing now is just not working - I am not able to do anything one thing well because I'm just doing too much.  Currently on my plate:

MCAT Hyperlearning course - 6 hours a week of class time plus homework, pre and post readings
Biology university course via correspondence
accounting work for my dad's business
payroll for my dad's business
volunteering at the family doctor's clinic (one day a week)
volunteering at the nursing home (one day a week)

and that doesn't include my family responsibilities laundry, dinner, being a mom, being a wife (I DO need to be there for Jordan too)...

Anyway, I've decided I need to cut back because I can already see that everything is suffering. So I think tomorrow I'm going to call the MCAT course people and ask if I can drop out and change to a course that will start in January instead. That will give me the time to finish up my Biology course and have one more thing crossed off my list. Then from January to April I can focus JUST on my MCAT course and I'll post-pone signing up for another university course until after I write the MCAT. That way I'll again only have one academic commitment at a time and I think I'll be able to handle that much better.


  1. Sounds like an excellent plan. Prioritizing is essential.

  2. Thanks! I already see the positive effects.