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Monday, July 16, 2012

Signed up for my OMSAS account today!

Today I created an account for OMSAS! It's exciting because it means that I'm officially applying to medical school this year.

I was really excited to fill out the whole thing but I decided to just start with the easy stuff (name, address etc) and added the info for all the universities that I've attended in Ontario, which unfortunately is 3, since I had to take courses at a bunch of places while getting my pre-requisites for my CA designation in addition to the university I did my degree in. I wish I didn't have to add them (well, I don't mind one, that I got an 3.8 in but all others are 3.3's and they bring down my average). This took surprisingly long since I had to dig up all my old student numbers.

I'm still debating how to best study for the MCAT. I want to sign up for a verbal only prep course to help me  ace verbal, but I think I'll keep practicing the other subjects in my spare (read: rare) time. I might focus on just high yield areas like genetics in BS and try to memorize as many formulas for PS as I can.

I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon reading the OMSAS booklet and then doing some verbal passages.

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