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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Ugh. So confused!

So I was reading the OMSAS instruction booklet today and I realized that one university that I had written off as a potential to apply to was University of Toronto. U of T requires 2 full year credits of Life Sciences (among others requirements, which I have met) and at this point in time, I only have 0.5. So I thought U of T was out this application cycle.

But - in the booklet it said that you can still apply if you are ENROLLED in the course at the time of application. And since applications aren't due until the beginning of October, I can still enroll into my remaining 1.5 credits worth of Life Science pre-requisites. Which would be great, because MCAT wise, U of T is the most forgiving, only using the MCAT as a flag instead of a hard cut off.

Another thing I learned is that Western won't post their MCAT cut-offs until AFTER applications are due - in fact, probably after they select people for interviews. And Queens just doesn't post their stats for MCAT at all (though word is that they are high)! Not only that but I won't even know what my MCAT score will be until after the applications are due anyway.

Ugh  - so here I am wondering whether gunning for a great VR score is in fact the best approach. I think it still might be, because the minimums required for U of T are still 9,9,N,9 and at the moment, the highest I've ever gotten on either PS and BS is 8 (and its only happened once, I usually range between 6-7 on those in practice tests). And Mac is still my first choice, so I really should focus on that this application cycle - especially since I'm convinced that I won't get in anywhere this time anyway, and am kind of treating this like a practice run for the "real" thing next year.

But then again, I definitely won't get an interview to U of T, Queens or Western if I don't apply and I keep reading about people getting invited for interviews at those schools who didn't expect it...

Sigh. Its all so confusing.

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