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Friday, August 2, 2019

I was going to do a post about going for what you want and how you need to really lean in, but that doing it the right way can seem - and will be - selfish.

But I kind of don't have the energy at the moment to delve into that, so it will have to wait for a future post.

However I wanted to update that I start my ER internship on Monday! I'm kind of cheating because it will be at the orthopedic hospital thats close to my house and they only take in wounds and orthopedic injuries, so my experience will be limited to those things but its close to my house and at least I'll get SOME experience. Unfortunately, I've learned a lot of people just get their internship forms signed without doing ANY work, so I don't feel bad. What I do feel bad about is that I totally forgot to order the suture practice kit last week to practice suturing on...I hope that if a wound comes in that the Dr I'll be working with will show me what to do, because I can't remember anything from the suturing course I took earlier this year and I'd love the chance to do some real live suturing.

Then in late August I'll be starting a family medicine internship. I met with the Dr I'll be working with today and he told me told me to look up the most frequently prescribed hypertension medications, because apparently thats the number one medicine he prescribes in his practice. But he seemed like a really decent guy who loves his job, so I look forward to working with him.

Otherwise I'm really enjoying this summer. Its not nearly as nice as last summer was, weather-wise, but I'm still enjoying it nonetheless. I've been able to get a lot of exercise in and it feels really good. I would love to figure out how to maintain this level of activity once school starts again.

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