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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Exam fatigue

I have 4 days left until I'm DONE with exams and I can't wait. I'm having some real exam fatigue at the moment.

I'm half way done with final exams (two of four done) and have two more to go. Luckily we get our final results really quickly so I know I passed both genetics and biochemistry AND I was pleasantly surprised to get a bump in my final grade in biochemistry because some students who showed an extra effort (attendance at lectures, participation at seminars, actively leading in labs and/or high marks on mid-term exams) got about a 10% increase in their final mark which was pretty awesome for me. Especially since for me biochemistry was the hardest course this year and the exam I feared the most. Plus I was happy that we were given a reward for our hard work and consistency, which is something I find lacking in the program overall. Everything comes down to the final exam and I really think its not the best strategy to test our knowledge. So at least I'm happy with this one course making an exception.

I have physiology and immunology next and they are unfortunately back-to-back. I'm feeling ok about immunology because I really like the subject and really liked my teachers but I have no idea about physiology. Mostly because the course was a bit fat mess with some less-than stellar teachers, cancelled classes, inconsistencies in the test questions and how they were presented in class and in general I feel like the exam will be a crap shoot. Plus we've heard from upper year students that they just recycle old questions so studying for that class is mostly just going over old exam questions and thats boring. I feel like I'm studying to the test and not studying to learn.

In any case I'm just over studying. I've been preparing for finals for six weeks now, with four of those weeks still wrapping up some classes. I'm tired and feel guilty about being away from the kids, plus I MISS them so much. I went home last Tuesday after the biochem exam and took the afternoon and evening off before heading back into town on Wednesday morning and setting up camp in the conference room of my dad's office.

But I have to remind myself that in 4 days I'll be DONE 2nd year and will officially be 1/3 of the way through medical school!

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